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    Extension Express, Inc is a national full service accounts receivable and bad-debt collection management firm focused on, and specializing in, the medical industry. EEI offerings include extended business office functions, sending of statements, charity scrubbing, AR cash flow management and much, much more.

    Since 1991, EEI’s focus has been on healthcare medical accounts receivable and revenue cycle, thus developing proven methods to accelerate recoveries and cash flow productivity. EEI’s professional approach motivates prompt attention and payment while maintaining good
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    Just by re investigating your Accounts Receivable and bad-debt collection efforts and processes, you will find that Extension Express, Inc can create a postive impact on your bottom line. Together, we can help you maximize your clinic’s cash flow.

    • EEI is achieving phenomenal AR and collections results; Based on our client’s feedback.
    • EEI provides customized reports that allows you to know exactly what monies are being collected, promised, on payment plans, etc.
    • Dare we say, zero patient complaints. EEI’s experience and methods are…Read more


  • Complete audit of current processes
  • Manage and perform ‘clean up’ of both payer and patient AR.
  • Provides complete, comprehensive analysis and reports along the way.
  • Budget plan / payment plan management
  • Charity application / scrubbing management
  • Insurance filing, follow up and re-filing when necessary
  • Payment posting – both payer and patient payments
  • Patient refund processing

- AR consultation and HR management

Henry Ford once said “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business” and we couldn’t agree more.

Extension Express - Henry Ford Quote


better business bureau
A+ rating from the BBB